Psalm 69: The Prayer of the Suffering Messiah

(36 verses, 3:46 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • This Psalm of David is a prayer of Jesus is His suffering and rejection.


  • This Psalm, like the previous Psalm 68, are about three times longer than the average Psalm.
  • The entire Psalm is an individual prayer of lament to the Lord.


  • This Psalm is quoted a number of times in the New Testament.
  • 69:9a is quoted in John 2:17, explaining why Jesus tore up the Temple.
  • 69:9b is quoted in Romans 15:3, talking about how Jesus did not serve Himself.
  • 69:21 is fulfilled in the crucifixion of Jesus. (See Mt 27:34, Mk 15:23, Lk 23:36, and Jn 19:28-30.)
  • 69:22-23 is quoted by Paul in Romans 11:9-10 as Scriptural proof of the Jewish apostasy after the death of Jesus.
  • 69:25 is quoted by Peter in the discussion about what to do with Judas’ office after he committed suicide, Acts 1:20.
  • This verse is also alluded to by Jesus in Mt 23:38 and Lk 13:35.


  • We often hear in the Gospels that Jesus would go away to a solitary place and pray, and how we have wondered what was the content of those prayers. This Psalm is like looking over the should of Jesus as He has converse with His heavenly Father. Consider how all the suffering and reproaches of Jesus were for you, for your life and salvation!

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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller


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