Colossians 1: Peace by the Blood of the Cross

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(29 verses, 2:48 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Peace by the Blood of Jesus’ Cross


  • Paul’s identifies himself as an Apostle of Christ and greets the saints at Colossae (1-2).
  • Paul gives thanks for the Colossians’ faith and prays for them (3-14).
  • Jesus’ Divinity and Blood-bought Peace of the Cross (15-23).
  • Paul’s Sufferings for the Church and the Mystery of the Gospel (24-29).


  • The city of Colossae was a Roman colony right outside Laodicea which was some distance inland from the Mediterranean Sea in Asia Minor. It was likely written around 60 A.D.
  • As is common in Paul’s epistles, he begins by thanking God for the faith of the saints who will receive his letter followed by a prayer for the steadfastness of their faith and spiritual growth in “wisdom and understanding” of Jesus’ doctrine. Every single Christian who reads these words should also include himself as a saint for whom Paul once prayed.
  • Darkness and light shows up as a familiar illustrative tool to describe Jesus salvation. In this case there are two kingdoms, one that is the darkness of sin and another that is the light of Jesus’ redemption (1:13-14).
  • In verse 15, we should be sure that the description of Jesus being the “firstborn of creation” refers not to Christ being a part of creation, but to his begotteness from the Father and the fact that he precedes all others in the resurrection (18). This is more than clear in the following verses which clearly confess Jesus divinity without equivocation (19). Indeed, because the work of creation is attributed to Jesus, this rules out his being part of creation (16-17).
  • Finally, Paul mentions the “mystery of the Gospel.” That Jesus’ mercy and grace extends to the gentiles 26-28).


  • Prayer: Thanks be to you, Lord Jesus, for reconciling us with God because you have made peace between divine holiness and sinful men through the blood of your cross. Amen.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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