Psalm 63: Your Loving-kindness is Better than Life

(11 verses, 1:12 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Psalm 63 is a beautiful prayer of David when he fled into the wilderness of Judah.


  • All 11 verses of the Psalm are of an individual prayer. The Psalm can be divided into five stanzas:
    1-2, David’s longing for the joy of the temple.
    3-5, Hopeful worship of the Lord even in exile.
    6-8, David’s meditation and joy, even in exile.
    9-10, Confidence that enemies will be destroyed.
    11, The end of the believers and the unbelievers described.


  • This is a Psalm of great confidence in the Lord’s name.
  • Verse two shows the strong connection between King David’s piety and the temple. David knew the temple was the house of the Lord, and he longed for the Lord’s sanctuary.
  • The image of a hen protecting her chicks again appears here, “In the shadow of your Your wings I will rejoice,” (7).


  • There are a number of beautiful verses to meditate on in this text, but verse three is particularly profound: “Your lovingkindness is better than life, therefore my lips shall praise You.”


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