Ephesians 5: Wives, Husbands, Christ, and the Church

Reposted from Pastor Flamme

(33 verses, 2:18 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • “Let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.”


  • Walk in love as Christ loved us (1-2).
  • Paul warns against sexual immorality and covetousness (3-5).
  • Sons of Disobedience and Children of Light (6-10)
  • Exposing Sin to the Light of Repentance (11-17).
  • Drunkenness is contrasted with being filled with the Spirit (18-21).
  • Wives, Husbands, Christ, and the Church (22-33).


  • Though Jesus has covered us with his perfect keeping of the law in baptism, his obedience also serves as an example for Christians. We see what keeping God’s eternal will looks like in Christ’s life and death. Following his example of righteousness does not supplant Jesus’ perfect righteousness which we interpose between ourselves and the judgment throne of God, but we pay attention to how Jesus loved sinners so that our neighbor might also be served in mercy and love.
  • There’s no place for crude joking and sexually immoral thoughts and behaviors in the lives of Christians. We must be reminded of this because of the wickedness of our culture that surrounds us. For them such joking is not only tolerated, it’s expected. But we are no longer sons of the same darkness. Christ has rescued us from that darkness with the light of his Gospel which we have through hearing that we are forgiven for Christ’s sake. Having been baptized and receiving Jesus’ perfect righteousness, we are now children of light. We pray with David, “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the doors of my lips” (Ps. 141:3).
  • What does Paul mean when he says that we must expose the works of darkness? This is confession. This is examining ourselves under the brilliant light of God’s Law, the Ten Commandments. When the iniquity of our deeds is exposed, the even greater brilliance of Jesus shines which imparts the “light of life” (John 8:12). We awake from the condemnation of spiritual death when Christ shines his merciful Word upon us.
  • Drunkenness is a sin. It’s true. But this is not to be confused with the godly gift of wine, of sharing a drink with friends, that “gladdens the heart of man” (Ps. 104:15). It’s a shame that our American culture especially associates alcohol with binge drinking. It is an abuse of an otherwise good gift.
  • There is an ordering to the marriage relationship. Scripture teaches that this is no mutual contract between equal partners. The wife submits to her husband, “as to the Lord” (vs. 22). The husband, following Christ’s example, loves his wife as his own body, which she truly is according to Genesis 2:24. This marital relationship of submitting and love is even more profound in Christ’s sacrificial love for his bride, the Christian Church.


  • Prayer: Have mercy upon me, O Lord, when I falter into the darkness of sin. Expose my deeds with the light of your Law so that I might become contrite. Then shine the greater light of Jesus’ forgiveness so that I might know peace and consolation. Amen.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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