Lamentations 1: An Uncomfortable Song

(34 verses, 6:23 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Jeremiah laments of Judah’s tribulations now that the Lord has visited upon them His promised judgment for sin


  • vv. 1-17: The judgment of the Lord is great and unyielding.  It is a real judgment and a real punishment doled out upon real sin.
  • vv. 18-22: And yet there is always the glimmer of hope, based upon God’s faithful, for salvation.


  • The book of Lamentations is Jeremiah’s song of lament during the Babylonian captivity of Judah.  Punishment hurts.  And it is real.  And it plays out in unimaginable ways that bring the sinner to his knees.
    • But of course this is the point of the Law:  to bring the sinner to his knees.  The Law if their in order to show us our sin.  To place that horrible mirror in front of our faces so that we can see the ugly and sinful, poor and miserable, person we actually are.
    • Only then can the Gospel begin to bind up the wounds that the Law has brought to light.
  • To may sound weird in today’s day and age to read and hear and song of lament and yet that is what this entire book is (there are many Psalms of lament as well).  It is hard in today’s day and age ,where we are told to not feel bad about transgression and to despise and hate punishment for our evil actions, to come face to face with the consequences of my sin (not the sin of someone else, but MY sin).
    • This book shows us that we must.  Otherwise the Gospel can never be proclaimed.
  • This Hebrew poetry to both symbolic and literal.  Here sits Jeremiah amongst the ruins of the once proud nation of Judah and city of Jerusalem.  They were sure that they would never fall; and yet Babylon has come and they have been reduced to rubble.
    • Jeremiah describes the literal things that has happened to the nation, city, and people temporally and physically.  But it is so much more than that.
    • All of these devastations speak to the reality of what their sin has done to the spiritually.
  • And yet starting with verse 18 we see a recognition of guilt and a realization that they have received just a portion of what they deserve:  “The LORD is in the right, for I have rebelled against his word.”
    • The Law has done its job!!!  (At least for Jeremiah.  It will take many more years for it to penetrate the rock hard hearts of the people.)
  • But in the end (verse 22) Jeremiah calls out for deliverance; a deliverance that is sure to come because God has promised to always remain faithful.


  • Prayer: O Lord, You chasten those whom You love. Do not discipline us in Your wrath, but grant us repentance of our sins and lead us to everlasting life found only in Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end. Amen.

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-Rev. Eli Lietzau–Faith in Christ Lutheran Church, ABQ, NM


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