Jeremiah 51: Babylon Is In Trouble

(64 verses, 11:31 to read)


What I an about to READ

  • The LORD continues to promise destruction to Babylon and redemption to His people Israel.


Here’s the outline of this extended prophecy:

  • 51:1-5, “Winnowers”, that is, soldiers, will come to Babylon to destroy. The LORD has not forgotten His people.
  • 51:6-10, A warning to flee Babylon, and the description of Babylon as a golden cup in the LORD’s hand. Babylon was the LORD’s instrument of destruction, but now it is time for her own.
  • 51:11-14, The Babylonians can protect their walls, but it won’t matter. The soldiers of the Medes will fill her streets.
  • 51:15-16, The LORD created the earth.
  • 51:17-19, The idols, on the other hand, are mute, foolish, and powerless. The “Portion of Jacob,” Jesus, is not. He is strong, living, active, and able to save.
  • 51:20-23, “With you I will break in pieces…” Babylon was God’s instrument of destruction.
    • 51:24, But in her destroying she sins, especially against the LORD’s people, and their punishment is coming.
  • 51:25-26, The LORD will make Babylon desolate.
  • 51:27-32, Woe to Babylon!
  • 51:33, Babylon is like a threshing floor
  • 51:34-40, Nebuchadnezzar is called out by name, and he is going to get it. Babylon will be like a slaughtered goat.
  • 51:41-44, Babylon is covered as with the sea, and Bel (one of the false gods of the Babylonians) will spit out the nations that it had devoured.
  • 51:45-48, The destruction of Babylon is the hope of the Lord’s people. It is promised, so they are not to be dismayed at the rumors.
  • 51:49-50, The Lord will cause to fall all those who made others fall.
  • 51:51, Israel confesses her shame at the destruction caused by the Babylonians
  • 51:52-53, No matter how strong Babylon might become, the Lord’s punishment will be sure, and the idols of Babylon will be ashamed.
  • 51:54-57, The cry will come out of Babylon, the cry of despair and destruction.
  • 51:58, The great walls of Babylon will fall, and the great gates will burn.
  • 51:59-64, An historical interlude about the composition of this book of Woe to Babylon, including the Lord’s instructions that Jeremiah should bind it to a rock and throw it into the Euphrates.


  • Babylon was impressive. Its walls were a wonder. Its strength unmatched. But nothing can stand against the LORD and His Word. When these promises are made Babylon is as good as destroyed. Our confidence is not in the strength (or weakness) of man, but in Christ and His Word, which promises forgiveness to sinners, life to the dying, and salvation to the miserable of the world. He is our hope and our confidence, which is why our hope and confidence are sure.

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Lord’s Blessings,
Pr Bryan Wolfmueller
Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO


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