Galatians 1: The Other Gospel, Not That There is Another One

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(24 verses,  2:37 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Paul will declare the authority of apostleship and compare the Gospel with the other “gospels” the Galatians were hearing from their false preachers.


  • 1-2: Paul states where his authority as an apostle comes from.  That authority is given through Jesus Christ who was raised from the dead by God the Father.
  • 3-5: A blessing and a beautiful and concise summary of the Gospel.
  • 6-9: Paul’s astonishment that they have so quickly deserted the Gospel for another distorted message that is cursed by God.
  • 10: Why does Paul call a curse upon this distorted message?  Because he seeks not the approval of man but of God.
  • 11-24: The authority of Paul is being questioned by some false teachers in Galatia.  Vs. 1-2 is a bold statement and in this section, Paul unpacks this a bit.  He is not afraid to reveal his dark and sinful past. His call to apostleship comes directly from Jesus Christ but is also confirmed by other eyewitness’s of Christ.  Furthermore, the actual content of his preaching is testimony of the authenticity of his apostleship.


  • vs. 10 is a fabulous little verse to memorize.  It calls us to repentance for seeking the approval of man and not of God.  We are guilty of this when we water down the Scriptures teaching for the sake of pleasing men.  It also calls us to repentance for our ignorance of the Scriptures for in them contain the very words which reveals our Lord’s will and contains the stamp of His approval.


  • There is only one Gospel (vs. 7).  Based on this reading, here’s a comparison of the the Gospel and the “other gospel, not that there is another one”
  • The Gospel’
    • …declares the resurrection of Christ (vs. 1) and thus gives life.
    • …delivers us from this present evil age (vs. 3) through Christ’s redemption
    • …reveals the will of God (vs. 4), proclaims God’s approval of us through the merit of Christ and frees us to desire to live for the approval of God and not of man (vs. 10)
    • …proclaims and delivers grace and peace from God (vs. 3)
    • …reveals God’s calling of you in grace through Christ’s Word (vs. 6)
  • The “other gospel, not that there is another one” in contrast must…give death and leave us in the grave
    • …leave us in bondage to our sin and every evil
    • …call us to seek the approval of man which is ever changing and in which we will never find satisfaction
    • …delivers constant demands and chaos.
    •  …leave you in doubt of what God thinks of you.

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