Luke 20: Beware of the Scribes

(46 verses, 5:24 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Jesus gives us a much needed warning.


  • Jesus’ Authority is Challenged (1-8)
  • Parable of the Wicked Tenants (9-18)
  • Taxes and Caesar (19-26)
  • Sadducees and the Resurrection (27-40)
  • Whose Son is the Christ (41-44)
  • Beware of the Scribes (45-47)


  • I love the way Kretzmann explains this passage: “In the hearing of all the people Jesus sounded this warning against the scribes, for they all should know what the situation was. The scribes among the Pharisees were the most dangerous of them all, for they were teachers of the Law and should have been examples to all the people both in doctrine and life. Instead of which they were corrupters of the people in their teaching and hypocrites in their life. Cf. Mark 12:38-40.
  • They dearly loved to walk around in a grand manner. As a mark of distinction they wore their robes or mantles clear down to their feet. They were flattered if anyone recognized them in public with the greeting of deference due to a person of higher station. In the synagogues they invariably chose the seats of honor, the place where the rulers of the synagogue sat, facing the people.
  • In the homes also, they made it a point to try for the highest place at the table, the position of honor next to the host. Morally rotten they were, for they offered to make intercession for the widows in their bereavement and pretended thus to advance their interests, while in reality their own interest was their own enrichment at the expense of the poor credulous women. Thus hypocrisy, pride, and covetousness are the outstanding traits in the character of the scribes.
  • They themselves who, as teachers, should know better, will receive the greater damnation, greater than that of those who sin in ignorance. And all disciples of Christ of all times should beware of their oily presence, since nothing good can ever come of it.”


  • Jesus out of His great love for us warns us about the Scribes and anyone who would act like the Scribes.  Beware of any pastor or Christian who in their pride seeks to build up their own kingdom and seeks their own worldly gain and advancement – whether it’s in person or through various media such as the internet!
  • Jesus wants you kept in the one true faith and so He warns you against those who would seek to lead you away from the pure teaching and preaching of the Word to follow their own little personality cults.
  • Thanks be to God for faithful pastors who point you to Christ and all that He teaches!

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-Pastor Andrew Packer


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