Luke 19: Salvation, Rebellion, and the Triumphal Entry

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(48 verses, 3:12 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Salvation, Rebellion, and the Triumphal Entry


  • Salvation for Zacchaeus (1-10).
  • Ten Minas (11-27).
  • Jesus’ Kingly Entry (28-40).
  • Prophesy and Lament over Jerusalem (41-44).
  • Jesus Reclaims the Temple from Sellers of Mammon (45-48).


  • Jesus teaches the order of salvation in his encounter with the notorious sinner Zacchaeus. The man’s intention is merely to get a look at this preacher from Galilee. Jesus, however, knows Zacchaeus by name and calls him to both come down from the tree and also to faith. Jesus chooses Zacchaeus, not the other way around. The sweet and merciful words of Jesus are enough to turn this sinner into a righteous man who now desires to give half his goods to the poor and to restore that which he had stolen. “For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.”
  • Among other things, Jesus teaches the consequences of rebellion before God’s Word. It seems that the third man was taken in by the rebellious rhetoric of the citizens, and did not work with the gift he had received. His rebellion is punished by losing the gift he had received. We then learn that death awaits those who despise the King’s gifts.
  • Following the parable, we see Jesus enter Jerusalem as a king to wrestle away the dominion of sin and death over this world. The Pharisees rebellious words remind us of Jesus’ condemnation in the parable of those who despise his kingdom of peace between God and man.
  • Despite the rebellion of sinners, Jesus weeps for them. His compassion for those who deserve condemnation has drawn him to this point, a mere week away from his work of suffering and death to finally make peace between us and God.


  • Prayer: Grant us your peace, dear Jesus, which you have won for us through your suffering, death, and resurrection and have mercifully bestowed on us through your Word. Amen.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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