Luke 14 – Righteousness and Discipleship


(35 verses, 4:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

Luke 14 continues with Jesus’ teaching about the Kingdom of God in the forms of parables and healings.


The healing of the man on the Sabbath demonstrated to the Pharisees just how far away from the spirit of the law they had come in their human observances of the Sabbath.  Jesus’ question “is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not” indicated to them that righteousness was found not in the mere outward observance of Sabbath.

The parable of the wedding feast is linked also to the above discussion about righteousness.  Those invited to the feast refused to come for various reasons, all likened to the cares and concerns of the world. Servants are then sent out (twice!) to find people to fill the banquet hall, indicating how God seeks out those who by nature are undeserving and unrighteous, bestowing grace and favor upon them.

Jesus’ words concerning what is often called “the cost of discipleship” teaches us that the Gospel and the kingdom of God take a backseat to nothing in this world.  Jesus’ seemingly harsh words about hatred of family and one’s own life are not about hatred of these things as such, but in comparison to the Gospel, embodied in Jesus.  Indeed God commands that we honor life as given from God (5th commandment) and parents as those in God’s stead of authority (4th commandment).


Lord God, I am so full of sin.  I sit on the highways and byways of this world, infatuated with all the allurements that this world has to offer.  But in your mercy you sent your servants to call me from that place of death and into your marvelous banquet hall.  You washed me with your Washing, you fed me with your Bread, you put me in a place that I would never deserve or ask for.  You alone are my righteousness.  For this I give you thanks, and ask that I would ever be your disciple.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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