Psalm 39: David’s Meditation on the Psalm of Moses

(13 verses, 1:49 to read)

What I am about to READ
  • David is meditation on Moses’ Psalm (90), praying in anguish that the Lord would give him wisdom in the midst of trouble.


  • David is wrestling with his words, trying to sort out what he should pray. (See 39:1-4.)
  • David begins his prayers (39:4) with the Psalm of Moses, Psalm 90:12.
  • Man’s vanity is discussed in 39:6.
  • David’s final plea is for the Lord to relent of the trouble He’s bringing on David, 39:12-13.


  • This Psalm explores silence and prayer, being mute and speaking.
  • In 39:10, David knows that his trouble comes from the Lord, so His help also comes from the Lord.


  • 39:7, the middle of the Psalm, is also the theological highpoint. In the midst of trouble, all we have is the Lord. Our hope is in Him.
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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

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