Luke 11: “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it!”

reposted from Pr. Flamme (54 verses, 4:32 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it!”


  • Jesus teaches his saints how to pray (1-13).
  • Jesus overcomes Satan and his demons (14-26).
  • Blessedness and the Word of God (27-28).
  • Jesus is greater than Solomon and Jonah (29-32).
  • Keeping our eyes on Jesus (33-36).
  • Jesus condemns the Pharisees and lawyers (37-53).


  • A good catechist repeats his teaching for the sake of his students’ memory. For that reason, Jesus teaches similar words with which to petition our heavenly Father (c.f. Mt. 6:9-13).
  • Jesus plunder’s Satan of his goods as the Stronger Man. However, if we forsake the preaching and teaching of his Word, then the unclean spirits lie in wait to overcome us and leave us in a worse state than the first as Jesus teaches.
  • The illustration of the eye that’s full of light is supposed to teach us, I think, that if our eyes have Jesus in view, then we are full of the light of his Gospel. We can’t hope to have salvation outside of faith in Christ.
  • Jesus is especially hard on the Pharisees and lawyers who teach holiness and righteousness that counts before the throne of God through works. Jesus condemns them because they try to rob the Law of its intended sting, to show us that we cannot save ourselves but are wholly dependent on God’s mercy.


  • Prayer: According to Jesus’ promise, heavenly Father, grant us the Holy Spirit who directs our eyes upon our Savior, found within Holy Scripture, so we can be filled with the saving light of his Gospel. Amen.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme

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