Psalm 26: Vindicate me, O Lord


(12 verses, 0:30 to read)

What I am about to READ

A psalm where a man prays to God for deliverance from those who falsely accuse him.


The author who we learn in verse one is David prays for vindication from his enemies.  David has walked in integrity and has “trusted in the Lord without wavering.” This will be the theme for the entire psalm.  It is easy to assume that David is asserting some kind of righteousness based on his works, but a closer look reveals this not to be the case.

David goes on to outline what he has, and has not done that might provoke God’s anger.  David here does not claim a righteousness based in his merit, but simply puts forward evidence that will “vindicate” him against the false accusations of the “bloodthirsty men.”

Ultimately, David has faith in the Lord who will deliver him.  The holy habitation of God will be his love and the congregation gathered there will be his comfort as he blesses the Lord from it. Verse 8 also finds a place in our Lutheran liturgy as the common responsory in the prayer office of Matins. God’s children find delight in the place where God’s glory dwells.  For Christians, that is the gathering of believers around God’s word and his holy Sacrament.


Lord Jesus, you have promised that the evil one will not overcome your Church.  Before the world we your children look weak and insignificant.  There are those who are allied against us, plotting evil devices for us.  Vindicate us, O Lord.  Give the word of folly that we proclaim a holy power by your word that many would be brought into your fold.  For the sake of your holy wounds, O Jesus, Amen.


Pr. Ross

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