2 Corinthians 11: Ripping the Mask Off of Truly Foolish Boasting

Re-posted from Pr. Stout (33 verses, 3:45 to read)
What I am about to READ
  •    Ripping the mask off of truly foolish boasting
  • Outline taken from Pastor Flamme’s post on December 24, 2014
  • Paul’s foolishness is a divine jealousy for the Corinthians to remain faithful to Jesus’ doctrine (1-6).
  • Paul labored free of charge to undermine the work of the false teachers (7-15).
  • Paul continues to engage in a polemic of weakness against the false teachers’ claims (16-33).
  • Paul is jealous, but it is a Godly jealousy.  He betrothed the Church to Christ in purity but now many members are seeking another husband by seeking another message.
  • Vs. 4-5, 23 – Notice that the false preachers use some of the same language of the true preachers – Jesus, Spirit, Gospel, apostles, servants of Christ.  Paul warns that this language must also have the right meaning behind it as well.  Satan and his preachers are masters of disguise.  If we saw them for who they were, we would run away.  But they sometimes wear very convincing masks.  The Holy Spirit through Paul in this specific reading desires us to ask, “Where is their boast made?  Where is my boast made?”
  • Paul boasts in his weakness even though he could have boasted in the same things the false apostles did.  In fact, he’s suffered much more than they!  If that’s a source of boasting, he’s got plenty to boast about.  All that, however, is disguise to boast about yourself and your works.
  •  ” But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.”  Pray: Lord Jesus, you know how the serpent deceives me through my thoughts.  He leads me astray by disguising other messages and messengers as true servants of Your Word.  Help me rip the masks off that boast of my works, my accomplishments, or my sufferings to reveal Satan and his false, hopeless message.  My boast, the boast that will not fail me, is in Your Works, Your accomplishments, and Your sufferings.    You have given me a Word that is full of knowledge.  Strengthen my reliance on You, Your Word, and the Church’s purity through Your betrothal to her.  Amen.
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Christopher Stout, Pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Kannapolis, NC & Abundant Life Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC

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