Jeremiah 9: The Idolatry of the People makes them Useless Neighbors and the Object of the Lord’s Judgment

(26 verses, 4:40 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The Idolatry of the people makes them useless neighbors and the object of the Lord’s judgment.


  • Here’s the outline:
    • 9:1-2, the Lord wishes for eyes like a river to weep for His people, and a hotel int eh wilderness to get away from His people.
    • 9:3-6, the people’s idolatry has made them worthless and evil neighbors.
    • 9:7-9, the Lord promises to “refine” His people, and punish them.
    • 9:10-11, the Lord weeps over the desolation of the land.
    • 9:12-16, the people have followed their own wisdom and the Baals, and have therefore become fools. The Lord, therefore, will punish and scatter them.
    • 9:17-19, the Lord instructs Jeremiah to assembly a women’s choir to mourn for Judah.
    • 9:20-22, death is everywhere, and there is no one to gather the dead bodies.
    • 9: 23-24, the chief portion of the text, where the Lord calls the people to repentance and faith. The people’s boasting ought not to be in their own strength, but in the Lord’s name.
    • 9:25-26, the Lord threatens to use the uncircumcised nations to punish the circumcised.


Consider especially verses 23-24.


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Lord’s Blessings,
Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller (
Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO


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