1 Corinthians 3: A Foundation Laid upon Jesus

Re-posted from Pr. Flamme (23 verses, 1:33 to read) 


What I am about to READ

  • “You are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s.”


  • Paul rebukes the Corinthians “human behavior” (1-4).
  • The unity of those who work in the ministry (5-9).
  • The foundation of doctrine will be tested (10-15).
  • The Corinthians have all through Christ (16-23).


  • One of the usual ways that sinners abuse the gift of the Gospel once it has been preached to them is to identify the goodness of the message with the particular speaker. They become respecters of people rather than recognizing that Christ himself is the one delivering the benefits of his death and resurrection through the words of appointed men and through the sacraments administered at their hands. This was the sin of the Corinthian congregation. Rather than seeing Jesus as the one who was working, they gravitated toward particular apostles and claimed to follow Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas. It seems that the modern day problem of a church being led astray by cults of personality was no new thing. Paul warns, “So let no one boast in men.”
  • Against the Corinthians’ misconceptions Paul teaches that he and Apollos were working together for the sake of God’s building, the Church. As Paul writes, “We are God’s fellow workers.”
  • The foundation is everything. If one pastor comes to a church that has been well catechized in God’s Word, then the congregation has a solid foundation that will withstand trials and persicutions. If the congregation has received a foundation of straw, however, then the previous pastor’s poor work for the sake of the Gospel will be clear.
  • Having been baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection, we have become God’ temple and the Spirit dwells within us. The Spirit delights and keeps you in the folly of God’s wisdom, the cross of Jesus that saves us from sin and gives us all good things of body and soul.


  • Prayer: Heavenly Father, grant us the Holy Spirit through your Word that we might hear the foolishness of the Gospel and rejoice in the knowledge that we belong to Christ, you beloved Son. Amen.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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