Mark 9: Listen to Jesus

Reposted from Pr. Stout:

(50 verses, 6:43 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • After proclaiming His future death and resurrection, Jesus is transfigured upon a mountain, heals a boy with an unclean spirit, preaches about His death and resurrection again, and teaches His disciples.


  • 1: Jesus continues His preaching about His death and resurrection and seems to reference His transfiguration in this verse.
  • 2-8:The transfiguration of Jesus, the visitation of Moses and Elijah, and the Father’s voice identify who Jesus is and His authority.
  • 9-13: Jesus commands His disciples to wait to proclaim this event.
  • 14-29: Jesus heals a boy with an unclean spirit after the other disciples were unable to do so.
  • 30-32: Jesus proclaims His death and resurrection secretly to His disciples but they did not understand it and were afraid to ask.
  • 33-49: Jesus teaches about greatness, service, good works, the seriousness of being a reason a child should lose their faith, and calls them to repentance and peace with one another.


  • Notice a connection with the clouds (Mark 9:7 and Exodus 16:10). See also our Lord’s Ascension (Acts 1:9).
  • “And worthiness does not depend upon great or small weakness or strength of faith, but upon the merit of Christ, which the distressed father of little faith [Mark 9:24] enjoyed as well as Abraham, Paul, and others who have a joyful and strong faith.” Formula of Concord SD VII:71


  • 7-8: These are two great texts to meditate on.  Jesus alone: the author and perfecter of our faith. Jesus alone: our wisdom and our righteousness.  Jesus alone: my salvation and the salvation of my family. Jesus alone: His peace He gives to us. How is it we can receive the benefits of Jesus alone? “Listen to him.”
  • 24: Praying for a strengthening of your faith is no sign of weakness. It is an acknowledgment of how faith is kept and strengthened; through the word of God and prayer.

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