Mark 6: The Compassion of Jesus Demonstrated

(56 verses, 6:52 to read)

What I am about to READ
  • Jesus returns to Nazareth and performs many miracles.


  • Here’s the outline:
    • 1-6, Jesus returns to Nazareth, and encounters little faith
    • 7-13, sending out of the Twelve to preach, bless, and rescue.
    • 14-29, Herod hears of Jesus, and Mark gives the public opinion about Jesus and the back story of John’s martyrdom and the resulting troubled state of Herod’s conscience.
    • 30-33, The Disciples return with report of their itinerant ministry, and Jesus tries to retreat with them.
    • 34-44, A crowd of 5,000 follow Jesus, who feeds them in the wilderness with five loaves and two fish.
    • 45-52, Jesus prays, then walks over the water, and rescues the disciples.
    • 53-56, Great crowds gathered to Jesus for healing.


  • The account of John the Baptist’s martyrdom is significant the Gospel. Mark puts it at this point in the narrative as the tide is about to turn against Jesus.
  • 6:31, Mark continually shows us that Jesus is trying to get away from the crowds, but can’t. He is running on compassion for the multitudes.
  • Compare Mark 6:34-44 to Psalm 23. Jesus, indeed, is the Good Shepherd, who provides us with all the we need, and answers our prayers for daily bread.
  • 6:52 shows the continuing confusion of the disciples about who Jesus is.


  •  6: 50 is the key text to meditate on in this text. Imagine it, the disciples are already frightened by the waves ad troubled sea, and now they think they see a ghost on the water. This is the stuff of horror stories. But it is Jesus, and He comes to them with words of comfort for their conscience and peace for the waves. Jesus continues to comfort us with these words.
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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

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