Psalm 131—Humility

(3 verses, :19 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • This is a psalm of humility.


  • David says things plainly. We know David’s story. We know he has much for which to be humble. It’s a testament to his faith that this psalm is only three verses. Consider how long winded some (even Christians!) are when expressing their great humility!
  • A weaned child knows food is coming and trusts. Humility often remains silent when there is a desire to speak.
  • Exhortation to hope is a good work that follows David’s faith. He has been humbled. He has been fed (and trusts that God provides). His concern, now, moves to his neighbor to whom he says, “Hope in the Lord!”


  • O Lord, teach us to hallow Your name and not our own. Amen!

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Rev. Benjamin Tyler Holt


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