Mark 1: John Appeared, Jesus Came

Re-posted from Pr. Stout (45 verses, 4:03 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Mark hits the ground running in our opening reading.  After Matthew and Luke were written, the Holy Spirit does not feel the need to spend any time on Jesus’ conception, birth, and youth.


  • 1-8: John the Baptist’s office and ministry is described relying heavily on Isaiah.
  • 9-11: Jesus is baptized and the Father and Spirit confirm Him.
  • 12-13: Jesus is driven out by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan
  • 14-15, 21-22, 38-39: Jesus preaching is described.
  • 16-20: Jesus calls His disciples.
  • 23-28: Unclean spirit listens to Jesus’ rebuke
  • 29-31: Jesus heals Peter’s MiL.
  • 32-34: General description of healings and exorcisms.
  • 35-39: Jesus’ desire to preach
  • 40-45: Jesus cleanses a leper


  • In Mark, never confuse shorter with meaning less content is there.  Mark adds some unique contributions to our meditation on Jesus’ Words and deeds.  Here’s a few:
  • 1:10 – Mark adds the description that heaven was torn open.  This emphasizes that both heaven and earth were never the same after Jesus came.  Already in His baptism, Mark is preaching of Jesus’ crucifixion, during which the curtain of the temple will be torn (Mark 15:38).
  • 1:13 – Adds that Jesus was with the wild animals during the temptation.  This seems to emphasize Christ as Second Adam and perhaps should bring to mind Daniel in the Lion’s Den (which points to Jesus’ resurrection).  What are some other Old Testament passages that clarify Mark’s point?  Isaiah 11:8; Psalm 91:13; Ezekiel 2:6?
  • 1:31 – Peter’s MiL was one of the first women to follow Jesus.
  • 1:25, 34, 43 – While found in other Gospels, Mark especially emphasizes Jesus’ desire for His identity to be a bit secrete until everyone comes to an understanding that He has come primarily to suffer, die, and rise.  Verse 34 is also a great comfort, showing us that Jesus is able to permit the demons to do or not do certain things.  He is in control.


  • Two wonderful points, especially if you place them together:  Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil (24) and Jesus came to preach (38).


Pastor Christopher Stout


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