2 Chronicles 21: The Rise and Fall of Jehoram


(21 verses, 2:30 to read)

What I am about to READ

The ascension of Jehoram to the throne of Judah, his catastrophic rule and his final end.


  • 1-7 The death of Jehoshephat leaves the rule of Judah in the hands of his eldest son, the thirty-two year old Jehoram.  Upon ascending to the throne Jehoram murders all of his younger brothers and some other state officials to further secure his rule.  He forms an alliance with the evil king of Israel, Ahab, by taking Ahab’s daughter as his wife.  Even though all of this was evil in the sight of the Lord, he did not destroy the house of David, for the sake of the promised that he made to David.
  • 8-10  Jehoram’s apostasy brings him political troubles.  The region of Edom revolted from his rule and even though he crushes them in battle, it sets the stage for further revolts and battles.  Libnah also rebels against the apostate king of Judah.
  • 11-15  Jehoram compounds his lack of faith in the true God by raising up the pagan high places once again in his kingdom.  This prompts Elijah the prophet to write him a letter of rebuke, an unusual medium for the prophet.  In it, Elijah promises an plague upon Jehoram’s kingdom and a torturous death.
  • 16-17  The Lord was true to his word.  Ethiopians and Arabians invaded Judah and carried off all the possessions which were in Jehoram’s house, his wives and all of his children save one, Jehoahaz, the youngest.
  • 18-20  Again, true to his promise, the Lord strikes Jehoram with an incurable bowel disease which painfully and slowly kills him.  Upon his death he is not mourned by his people and he is not buried with his fathers.


Even though Jehoram was an awful king who led the people into all sorts of apostasy and evil, the Lord remained true to the promises which he spoke to David.  He would preserve the royal line, in Jehoram’s youngest son Jehoahaz, and from that line would come the Savior who would save his people from all their sins.


Pr. Ross


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