Hebrews 10: Confidence from Jesus’ Cross

(39 verses, 3:20 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The Once for All Sacrifice that Perfects and Sanctifies the Saints


  • The blood of bulls and goats cannot take away sins (1-4).
  • Jesus spoke Psalm 40 which taught his fulfillment of God’s will, a perfect sacrifice for sins (5-10).
  • Jesus’ priestly work of giving the perfect sacrifice being complete, he sits at the Father’s right hand from which he bestows forgiveness (11-18).
  • We draw near to God in confidence with conscience free from evil and a heart cleansed by baptism (19-22).
  • Remain steadfast in our confession (23-25).
  • There are dire consequences for despising the Gospel (26-31).
  • Do not throw away your confidence (32-39).


  • Jesus has delivered up his body and blood to the Father on Calvary’s altar of the cross. No other sacrifice is needed. Only forgiveness remains. This is why we reject the sacrifice of the mass. The body and blood of Jesus do not need to be repeatedly offered to the Father. In fact, to do so would diminish and mock the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Granted, Roman Catholics do not exactly hold to the old theology of the sacrifice of the mass as they used to, but we should keep this doctrine of the atonement clear in our own minds in accordance with Scripture lest we too fall into error.
  • Verse 22 teaches the great gift of a conscience free from evil which receive in baptism. By faith, we have unimpeded access to the Father because of everything Jesus has accomplished for our sake.
  • Verse 25 teaches that you should not miss church and thus despise preaching and God’s Word.
  • It is possible to fall from grace into condemnation if we willfully persist in sin after we have received knowledge of the truth.


  • This chapter teaches us the significance and comfort of Jesus atoning work. He died so that you now have the forgiveness of sins by faith. Thanks be to God!

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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