Psalm 122: Let Us Go to the House of the Lord

(9 verses, :30 to read)


What I am about to READ

A song of ascents about entry into the Holy City.


Jerusalem and specifically the Temple was seen as the place of God’s justice and his judgement.  Those keeping festival four time a year on pilgrimage to Jerusalem would have understood the temple as not only the dwelling of God for he had put his name there, but also as the place where all would be judged.

Also mentioned here are the thrones of the House of David, the kingly line that ruled Israel from David onward.  These thrones were also set for judgement, though in a more worldly sense.

The temple of God and Jerusalem in general is portrayed as a place of prayer and supplication to God in vss 6-9.

Jesus who is of the line of David and sits on the throne of David his father is also God whose Father is the Heavenly father.  Indeed he is also the temple of God, though not made with hands.  In this psalm all the aspects of righteousness and judgement are fulfilled in Jesus who is the true Temple, the sacrifice of the temple, the King, and God himself.


Father, you judged your people of old through the kings who sat upon the throne of Israel. Now through the kingship of the Lord Jesus, who rules from the cross, you have revealed your love for all people and will judge all at the end of days. Amen.


Pr. Ross


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