2 Chronicles 15:


(19 verses, 2:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

King Asa works for religious reforms.


King Asa was a pious man who feared the Lord.  He was blessed to hear the promises of the Lord God though the prophet Azariah, the son of Oded.  He told Asa that the unbelief of the nation and its rank idolatry was the source of the nation’s woes and that God had humbled them with “great disturbances” but if he Asa and his nation would seek the Lord, he would be found by them.  God adds a wonderful word of encouragement here to Asa “But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” (vs. 7).

Asa’s religious reforms began with the putting away of all idols from the land, these idols would have included dieties from foreign lands, the Baal, Marduk, etc. Asa’s reforms were not token. Even Asa’s own mother had an image of Asharah taken from her which was burned at the brook Kidron. Asa also repaired the altar of the Lord which was in the temple.

Asa also increased public religious devotion in Judah by celebrating a great feast in Jerusalem, possibly Pentecost, sacrificing the spoils of war won from Zerah.

Asa grabbed hold of the promises of God.  In so doing things went well for him as the Lord had promised him.  His fear and love of God, manifest in his apprehending the promises of God in faith is truly a fulfillment of the First Commandment.  Without the fear of the Lord, there is no peace and no justification.  But according to the Lord’s word, Asa received both earthly peace and peace with his God.


Lord God, through the prophet Azariah you made promises to King Asa, that he would receive your blessing if he sought you with his whole heart in repentance and faith.  Continue to send us the sons of the prophets, your pastors, who will urge us to continual repentance and faith in the promises of our Lord Jesus.  Amen.


Pr. Ross



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