Hebrews 6: Spiritual Maturity

This post was originally prepared by Pastor Brandon Ross on October 27th 2014

(20 verses, 2:38 to read)


What I am about to READ

Hebrews 6 is an exhortation to spiritual maturity and an instruction on how impossible it is to bring about repentance in one who has no faith in Jesus.  We can be certain however of the promises of God made to us for the sake of Jesus.


Note the severity of speech of the Hebraic author in vss. 4-6.  How difficult it is for those who believe and fallen away to come back into the fold of the church.  Experience tells us the same.

Vss. 11-12 exhort us to good works and imitation of other saints, who in faith perform those works which server their neighbor.  These works do not save, but give testimony to the faith present in them.

Paul bases his exhortation to faith and good works upon the promises of God in 13-20.  Our confidence in the forgiveness of sins does not rest upon our feelings, emotions, works, or thoughts, but upon the promises of God made to us for the sake of Jesus.


The promises of God, the Gospel of the forgiveness of sins for the sake of Jesus are the core and foundation of our faith.  From this the Christian is free to do works for his fellow neighbor, but watch out for either one of two evils:  That one does no works of repentance at all, or that one trusts in those works for his righteousness.  Both are evil.  Righteousness only comes from God and is received by faith.


2 thoughts on “Hebrews 6: Spiritual Maturity

  1. I am curious why you said this, “How difficult it is for those who believe and fallen away to come back into the fold of the church.” When just above you said it was impossible and the text also says impossible?


    • Hi, Jill. Thanks for commenting. Sorry it took so long; I was on vacation and then on a trip with my youth group.

      First off, in answering this question, I’m answering for Pr. Brandon Ross, who originally wrote this. I will not presume to speak for him, but I will answer as if I myself authored the post (since it does bear my name, too). Perhaps Pr. Ross will have time to add his thoughts, too.

      In looking at the text of Hebrews, the warning against apostasy, which you asked about here from chapter 6, actually began in chapter 5. There, the writer tells us that these are difficult concepts, and we must be carefully taught before we can understand them. In the next section, which is the subject of this meditation, the writer warns with great seriousness of falling away from the faith. These he compares to those who mocked Christ at his trial [“they are crucifying once again the Son of God since they are crucifying once again the Son of God to their own harm and holding him up to contempt” (6:6)]. The readers are to apply these words to themselves, lest they become sluggish in the faith (which can lead to this same falling away).

      When Pr. Ross says “difficult,” then, I think he’s pulling from Jesus’ own words in Matthew 19:23-30, where Jesus begins by saying it is with great difficulty that the rich enter heaven and ends by saying it is impossible with man. Using Scripture to interpret Scripture here, we realize that we cannot re-convert someone who has fallen away. In fact, the Church ought to bind sins to the unrepentant sinner (excommunication) and shake the dust off her sandals. However, we also see that Jesus says, with God, all things are possible. It is possible for a person’s heart to be softened by this harsh blow of the Law and be lead to repentance. This is entirely the work of the Holy Spirit, working through the Word of God.

      I hope that helps! If not, feel free to post again!


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