Hebrews 4: The living and active Word of God

(16 verses, 1:36 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Sabbath Rest in Jesus


  • This Rest from works (1-11).
  • The living and active Word of God (12-13).
  • Jesus, our great High Priest, is the source of mercy and grace that grants the promised rest from works (14-16).


  • The exegesis of Psalm 95 continues as the author explains the true rest promised by Scripture which is “a Sabbath rest promised for the people of God.”
  • So there are three things happening in this chapter. First, the Old Testament Scriptures a rest from works. Then the living and active Word is described. Finally, Jesus is the source of mercy and grace. Perhaps the line of thought goes like this… The Old Testament indeed makes promises that pertain today. Thus the Word of God continues to be effective for us as it did for the saints of old. Finally, the fulfilment of the Scriptures is found in Jesus who saves us from our sins.
  • Verse 15 clearly asserts the sinlessness of Jesus.


  • Jesus’ work of sacrificing himself for our sakes has brought us into true rest from our works. No longer do we need to struggle and strive to attain enough good works to justify ourselves before God’s throne. Our sinful state makes this impossible. Instead, by the grace and mercy of Jesus, we enter into our rest. Rather than striving after works, we have faith. By faith we attain Christ’s rest and are granted as a gift by the Holy Spirit the true strivings of fear, love, and trust in God.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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