Hebrews 3: Jesus is Greater than Moses

(19 verses, 2:10 to read)

What I am about to READ
  • Jesus, the Son, the One greater than Moses, saves us by faith-filled hearing of His Word of promise.


  • 3:1-6, Jesus is greater than Moses.
  • 3:7-11, Psalm 95:7-11, the invitation to enter the Lord’s rest
  • 3:12-19, The warning punishment of unbelief contrasted to the rest that comes from hearing faith.


  • Moses was faithful as a servant. Jesus is faithful as a Son! (3:5-6)
  • The danger of falling away was a true danger for the recipients of this letter. They were tempted to go back to their Jewish laws and customs.
  • Psalm 95 is quoted twice in this chapter. This is one of the techniques of the writer of this epistle: a long passage is quoted, and then a smaller portion is excerpted. (Keep an eye out for the same thing to happen in chapter 8 and 9 with Jeremiah 31.)


  • The the Bible, Moses is the greatest, greater than Abraham and even David. He was the great law giver, the rescuer of the people, the greatest prophet, but Jesus is greater. He is the Son that dwells in the house, the One who abides for ever, and His gifts to us are eternal.
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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

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