Hebrews 2: Jesus is Not Ashamed to Call You Brother

Re-posted fro Pr. Stout (18 verses, 2:00 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Christ’s incarnation and passion are meditated upon.


  • 1-4: God’s Word of Law and Gospel is reliable and we should pay close attention to it.  Those who neglect such a salvation will receive a just retribution.
  • 5-9: Jesus existed before the angels and is the One who has all things, even the angels, under His feet.  At present, we do not see everything in subjection under Him.
  • 10-15: Jesus is not ashamed to call us brother and He can call us brothers because He has taken on human nature.  He shares in flesh and blood because he partook of our flesh and blood and destroyed the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil.
  • 16-18: He helped and helps the offspring of Abraham, not the angels.


  • This whole reading is packed full of comfort, but there is one verse that particularly struck me today.  Jesus partook of flesh and blood so that he might “15 deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery.”  Our sin, the brokenness of body in sickness, and our worry and anxiety in this life might be summarized in one phrase – bondage and fear to death.  Satan uses this as a very powerful argument and influence.  Jesus, however, has set us free by destroying death and delivering us from irreverent fear.  You are not in bondage to this life because you have been delivered from the fears that come from this life.  You fear God and not death or devil.


  •  Lord Jesus, I am so thankful that You are not ashamed to call me brother.  Who am I am that you are mindful of me?  Yet, you have partook in my flesh and blood, tasted my death and suffering, and are the founder and source of my salvation and sanctification.  You are a merciful and faithful high priest and are able to help me when tempted.  Deliver me from temptation to fear devil and death.  Help me to pay much closer attention to what I have heard, for your promises have proven to be reliable and, though to I do not see it, everything is in subjection to You.  Amen.

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Pastor Christopher Stout


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