2 Chronicles 3: Solomon builds the temple

(17 verses, 2:10 to read)


What I am about to READ

The Chronicler describes the Temple which King Solomon built.


Here in Chronicles is the only place in the scriptures where the location of the temple is called Mount Moriah.  All other places indicate that the temple sits on the mountain called Mount Zion in the middle of the former Jebusite city of Jebus, now Jerusalem.  By calling the temple location by its presumably older name, Moriah, the Chronicler links together the sacrifice to be performed in the temple with the sacrifice of the ram by Abraham centuries before (Gen 22).  It was there on Moriah where God had stilled Abraham’s hand as he was about to sacrifice is one and only son, reckoning such faith to him as righteousness. This location was also where David built an altar and where God appeared to him.

Thus this site on Mount Moriah (Mount Zion) was regarded as a special place where blood sacrifice would be made and where God revealed himself.  Centuries later God would accomplish the ultimate and final act of sacrifice in the blood of his Son Jesus Christ, just down the hill from the Temple mount.  This crucifixion of Jesus was and remains the ultimate revelation of God for all men (Jn 12:32).

The rest of the chapter describes the general dimensions of the temple and the decoration of the interior.  (Note: To get a rough idea of the length of a “cubit” mentioned in this chapter and elsewhere in the scriptures, mark the length from the tip of the finger to the elbow) Gold was used nearly everywhere on the inside of the Temple for its furnishings as well as a wall covering.  Enormous Cherubim, carved from wood and overlayed in gold flanked the Ark of the Covenant in the most holy place.  Curtains of fine crimson fabrics where used in making the veil.

The takeaway from this chapter is that God’s house was indeed holy. Its great craftsmanship and expense conveyed to God’s people that this place was indeed set apart as a holy place for God and the administration of his sacrifices, all taking place on Mount Moriah, where God had spared Abraham’s son Isaac.


Lord God, by the word of an angel you bid Abraham to still his knife, telling him that the sacrifice of his only son was not necessary.  But the sacrifice of your only Son is indeed necessary for us, for by his blood are we are reckoned righteous.  Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


Pr. Ross





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