Romans 5: The Peace of Justification and the Freedom to Suffer

(21 verses, 3:29 to read)

What I am about to READ
  • Paul continues His epistle extolling the gift of justification and the fruits of justification.


  • 5:1-2: justification brings peace with God!
  • 5:3-5: justification frees us to suffer.
  • 5:6-8: Christ died for us while we were sinners, His enemies.
  • 5:9-21: Parallels: Jesus sacrifice forgives sins. Jesus death gives life. One man’s offence (Adam) brought death. One Man’s obedience (Jesus) brings life.


  • This chapter is full of teaching and comfort. Consider, first, how peace comes with justification (5:1-2).
  • Pay close attention to the things that connect tribulation to hope in 5:3-5.
  • 5:6 and 5:8 describe our condition when Jesus died for us. Paul leave no room from something in us motivating His gracious sacrifice.
  • 5:14 helps us read the genealogies of the Old Testament: death reigned.
  • 5:21 is a beautiful picture: grace reigns!


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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

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