Psalm 103: Bless the LORD, O My Soul

(22 verses, 2:02 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • This psalm is a beautiful contemplation of God’s infinite forgiveness and mercy.


  • Praise for Steadfast Love and Mercy (1-5)
  • Kindness and Pity Toward His Church (6-10)
  • Infinite Forgiveness (11-14)
  • The Only Certain Help (15-18)
  • Praise Him Who Rules Over All (19-22)


  • We cannot rightly think about this psalm apart from the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Where is the LORD’s goodness, mercy, love, and grace shown to us?  Where do we see a love higher than the heavens are above the earth? How are sins removed as far as the east is from the west?  How do we know He is compassionate towards us?  This whole psalm is meditation on the mercy and steadfast love of that can only be seen clearly on the cross and all the benefits that flow to us from the cross.
  • The psalmist contemplates and praises the LORD for his goodness and mercy towards himself and the whole church. Praise the LORD for He is the One who blesses, redeems, forgives, and satisfies you.
  • As the psalmist contemplates the wonderful work of the LORD for him and toward him he cannot help but call the whole church to praise the LORD and by the end he is calling on all creation to praise the LORD.


  • The forgiveness of God is unending. Moment after moment, day after day, we continue to need forgiveness.  There will never be a moment in our earthly moment when we aren’t in need of His forgiveness.  This psalm so clearly shows us that our Lord is merciful and gracious, loving and kind.  He doesn’t deal with us according to our sins because Christ our Lord has dealt with all of them.  The LORD has forgiven you and keeps on forgiving you through His Word and Sacrament.  Bless the LORD, O my soul!

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-Pastor Andrew Packer


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