Romans 4: The Righteousness of Faith

Re-posted from Pr. Flamme

(25 verses, 2:18 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The Righteousness of Faith


  • Faith is counted as righteousness (1-8).
  • The reckoning of righteousness is apart from obedience to the Law for Abraham (31-35).
  • The Promise/Grace is distinct from the Law/Wrath (13-16a).
  • Abraham, the Father of Faith (16b-25).


  • Thanks be to God that St. Paul summarizes the doctrine of the entire Holy Scriptures in these chapters. There’s nothing uniquely “Pauline” or contrary to Christ’s own teaching. The Law and the Prophets agree with Paul as I think that all our authors have done a good job of showing. Still, it’s for our good that the Holy Spirit, through Paul’s pen, spells out the Gospel plainly for the church so that we don’t have to doubt the promise that imparts grace, the righteousness that avails before the judgement seat of God.
  • Of course the only righteousness that counts before God’s sight is the righteousness that he himself reckons/counts/imputes. Only faith can grasp this, not your efforts, deeds, or good intentions. This is the righteousness of all the saints in Christ’s church from Abraham to David to you and me. How does this righteousness come to us? By a promise! The same gospel promise of what Christ does for men rather than what men can do for God is what Abraham grasped by faith and what you also have by faith. This is righteousness apart from our obedience to the Law. It comes before our good works. It never grows out of them.


  • Prayer: Heavenly Father, grant me faith in the promise of Christ’s work that I may obtain his righteousness by faith and be set free from bondage to the law and works to merit your favor. Amen.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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