Matthew 24: The End Times

Reposted from Pr. Flamme

(50 verses, 3:25 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Jesus teaches the Church what she will suffer before he comes again.


  • Jesus foretells the temple’s destruction in 70 AD (1-2).
  • Jesus describes the tumult of the world surrounding the Church (3-14).
  • The destruction of the temple revisited and the deception of false teachers (15-28)
  • Jesus will return in glory and might at an unknown time (29-44).
  • Jesus admonishes his Church to remain steadfast (45-50).


  • Jesus telescopes all of the end times from the destruction to his second coming into one period of anticipation before his return.
  • The way Jesus describes the end times can be applied to the entire history of the Church. This means that we anticipate Jesus return at any moment.


  • Rather than looking at the world crumbling around us and despairing, we remember that our Lord said that these things must happen before the end. No one can know when he will come, but we can watch and pray for his return. “Lord keep us steadfast in your Word; Curb those who by deceit or sword would wrest the kingdom from Your Son and bring to naught all he has done” (LSB 655:1).

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme

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