Matthew 23: Seven Woes!


(39 verses, 4:50 to read)

What I am about to READ

  • Jesus rips into the hypocritical scribes and Pharisees.


  • The scribes and Pharisees are guilty because…
    1. 13: They “shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces.”
    2. 15: They seek to win converts, and when they find one, they make him or her more worthy of hell than he or she was before.
    3. 16–22: They make ridiculous distinctions about oaths in order not to be bound by them.
    4. 23–24: They focus on the least important things of the law and neglect the most important.
    5. 25–26: They make their outward appearance good but neglect their hearts.
    6. 27–28: They are like tombs, white on the outside but filled with bones.
    7. 29–32: They are ready to kill whoever brings them God’s truth.


  • Jesus hates sin! Jesus hates our attempts at self-justification! He hates our self-righteousness! The scribes and Pharisees believed they were righteous because they followed the law. Outwardly they were the spiritual models of holiness, yet inwardly they were faithless and dead. In reality the scribes and Pharisees were merely neutering God’s holy law – chopping it up in to nice, neat, manageable portions that they we’re able to fulfill. Jesus got to the heart of the law and killed their wicked self-righteousness. As sinful human beings, we have no righteousness that avails before our perfect and holy God. Our righteousness must come from outside of ourselves. It’s a pure gift. The good news is that Jesus Christ, by His perfect life in obedience to the Father, accomplished righteousness as our Substitute. By grace through faith in His life, death and resurrection for us, we are robed in Christ’s righteousness. As Martin Luther says…“there is no quality in my heart at all, call it either faith or charity; but instead of these I set Christ Himself before me, and I say, “There is my righteousness.”

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Sub Cruce,
Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.


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