Isaiah 52: Awake! Depart! Behold!

(15 verses, 2:32 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The Lord sounds the alarm for the people in exile, promising them deliverance and salvation.


  • The three sections in this chapter are marked with imperatives:
    • 52:1-10, Awake! Awake!
      • The people are pictured as sleeping in their captivity and unbelief, and the prophet is sounding the alarm.
      • Note carefully the “Therefores” in verse 6, “Therefore My people will know My name.”
      • Verse 7 is quoted by St. Paul in an important passage in Romans 11 (v 15). The picture here is of an ancient messenger who would run great distances to give a report, especially of military victories or defeats. The prophets, apostles, and preachers of the Lord’s Word are such messengers who carry good news. Notice the content of the preaching (the adjectives are almost gushing): “good news… peace… glad tidings of good things… salvation… You God reigns.”
    • 52:11-12, Depart! Depart!
      • The Lord will lead His people from Assyria to Jerusalem just as He led then from Egypt.
    • 52:13-15, Behold.
      • This marks the beginning of the so-called Fourth Servant Song, which continues into chapter 53. This is one of the most beautiful passages of the Old Testament because is speaks so clearly of Jesus and His atoning death for us.
      • Especially in verse 14 we learn that the physical sufferings of the Messiah will mar His face to such an extent that He will almost be unrecognizable.


  • Isaiah continues to pile on the good news. He is among those with “beautiful feet” (52:7) because he preached to the Lord’s people the victory of the cross of Christ over sin and death. He continues to preach to us, and we continue to rejoice in His comfort. Our God reigns. The One whose face was beaten, whose beard was pulled out, whose back was whipped, and whose body was nailed to the cross, this One now sits at the Father’s right hand, and rules and reigns all things for the sake of His church, that is, for you His beloved disciples.

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Lord’s Blessings,
Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller
Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO



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