Matthew 20: God’s Kingdom Coming

Reposted from Pastor Ross


(34 verses, 4:08 to read)

What I am about to READ

The accounts in ch. 20 revolve around the kingdom of God and what it looks like.


Living with forgiveness and grace in the parable (1-16), the request of a mother (20-28), and the shadow of God’s kingdom in the healing (29-34) all have their origin in the forgiving cross of Jesus (17-19).


The parable illustrates the radical grace of God in that he gives not according to what is labored for, but according to his grace.  The labor and time doesn’t matter.

17-19 contain Jesus’ third and final prediction of his death and resurrection.  The next chapter he will enter Jerusalem, beginning what we observe as Holy Week.

The mother’s request (20-28) again sets our minds on the things of God and not of Man.  He teaches that the greatest shall be the least, and the least the greatest, further illustrating the “backwardness” of the kingdom of God.


In the parable, who did Jesus mean by the first laborers? The last? What does this chapter mean for the Christian church today in her preaching and interaction with the world?

Thoughts? Questions? Post below.

Pax, Pastor Brandon Ross

Originally posted September 22, 2014

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