Matthew 19: Marriage, Children, and the Law

(30 verses, 2:09 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Jesus teaches concerning marriage, prays for children, and the perfection of the Law.


  • Divorce and the Institution of Marriage (1-12)
  • Jesus and the Little Children (13-15)
  • The Rich Young Man (15-30)


  • Jesus’ teachings concerning marriage and divorce are founded on the institution of marriage in Genesis. This is how we too are taught to think of marriage, as God intended as is revealed in Holy Scripture.
  • Notice that Genesis is authoritative for Jesus. It teaches the truth.
  • Jesus once again emphasizes the fact that children can be saved by faith.
  • Notice the commandments that Jesus uses as examples for the young man. They are all from the second table. The man’s problem was with the first table of the Law, commandments 1-3. He feared, loved, and trusted in his riches above all things.
  • No one can fear, love, and trust in God by his own reason or strength. Nevertheless, Jesus teaches that “with God all things are possible.” That’s why we say that we believe because the Holy Spirit has called us through preaching and the sacraments.


  • Who is capable of the perfection demanded of Jesus? Who can keep both tables of the Law perfectly?
  • With God all things are possible. Sin is forgiven and righteousness imputed, yes even to little children.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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