Matthew 16: Needing More Than Flesh and Blood

(28 verses, 3:27 to read)

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What I am about to READ

  • There are no healing miracles in the reading, but see what other miracles are present.  Jesus continues His teaching, bringing His disciples deeper into His council, and teaching them for the first time that He has to die.


  • 1-4: The Pharisees and Sadducees know how to predict the weather based on the looks of the sky, but they do not know how to interpret the clear signs of Scripture being fulfilled right before their eyes.  The irony is that there is no, “Thus says the Lord,” about the weather (there’s a few exceptions), but there is about the Christ.  All that Christ has done will be confirmed in their eyes in the resurrection (the sign of Jonah), but even that sign will not be enough to open their eyes.  An evil and adulterous generation seeking signs needs something more than flesh and blood to reveal the truth to them.
  • 5-12: This is one of the more comical scenes in Scripture.  The disciples are sometimes rather brilliant and courageous in their confession, but here they appear to be forgetful goofballs.  Jesus is trying to make a point about the danger of false doctrine, and they are concerned about if they brought enough bread.  Hear our Jesus asks them and asks you, “O, ye of little faith.  Do you not yet perceive…”  Yes, Jesus.  We know and forget.  We believe and we doubt.  We have faith, but it so often little faith.  If our Christianity were recorded, we’re pretty sure that forgetful goofball would be a primary description of us.   Something more than flesh and blood will need to continue to reveal the truth to us.
  • 13-20: Every confession of faith grows out of this question of Jesus to His disciples and to all His Christians, “But who do you say that I am?”  Flesh and blood did not reveal the truth to Peter, but his Father in heaven.  Flesh and blood alone are not protecting the Church against the gates of hell (18).  Flesh and blood alone are not loosing your sins when you hear and believe the Lord’s absolution (19-20).
  •  21-28: Flesh and blood continue in the Christian to struggle against the confession and faith in the Father’s revelation about the Christ, His cross, setting our minds on the things of God, and even our sufferings in this life.


  • My Father in heaven, continue to reveal to me through Your Word the truth about the Christ and His love and passion for me.  Strengthen me in trial and doubt to set my mind on things above and rely on the gain my soul has in finding rest in You.

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