Matthew 15: Jesus Proclaims Law and Gospel

Reposted from Pastor Weslie Odom

(39 verses, 3:25 to read)


What I am about to READ

Jesus teaches the Pharisees and scribes about the Law and sin, and then shows His great compassion on the people by pointing them, through miracles, to the faithful worship of the true God.


1-20: Jesus teaches a right understanding of the Law and the nature of sin.

21-28: The Canaanite woman’s faith and healed daughter.

29-39: Jesus heals and feeds the thousands.


The religious authorities in Jerusalem send agents to catch Jesus in a theological trap. However, He utterly shames them by pointing out their hypocrisy. In their attempt to keep their regulations, no matter how meet, right, and salutary they may have been, they had dishonored their elders and ignored their neighbors. Jesus will have none of this as He shows by feeding the thousands at the end of the chapter. The Pharisees had become nearly completely focused on outward acts of piety at the neglect humility and saving faith in the Messiah.

In contrast to the Pharisees in the the Canaanite woman who, by the grace of God, shows true humility at the feet of Christ and begs His mercy for her daughter. Seeing the great miracle of her saving faith through the confession of her mouth, Jesus grants the lesser miracle in the instantaneous healing of her daughter.

Jesus then heals very many and again miraculously feeds thousands. All of this, He says, flows from His compassion for the people and that they not grow weary on their way. He desires to care for them, which He does perfectly and forever through His bearing and dying for their sin that they might be with Him forever.


Dear Father in Heaven, remind us always of your unfailing love for us in Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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-Pastor Weslie Odom


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