Isaiah 42: The Suffering Servant

(25 verses, 4:04 to read)
What I am about to READ
  • The Lord chooses a Servant and yet it is not Israel…
  • 1-9:  The Lord’s Chosen Servant
    • 1-4:  The Lord appoints His servant to accomplish great things for Him
    • 5-9:  The very fact that the Lord is the God of all creation speaks to the validity of His call upon His servant
  • 10-17:  A New Song for the Lord
    • 10-13:  The glory is the Lord’s for He is the conquering King
    • 14-17:  The Lord provides for Israel
  • 18-25:  Sinful Israel does not trust in the Lord
    • 18-21:  Israel is  blind to the ways of the Lord and deaf to His Words
    • 22-25:  The Lord is right to be angry with Israel
  • 1-9:  The Servant of the Lord
    • The theme of “The Suffering Servant” begins here first in chapter 42 and continues throughout the remainder Isaiah.
    • The Servant should indeed be Israel, should be the Church, should be you and me
      • But we are not the servant.  We do not keep the commands of the Lord and walk in His ways
      • Instead of us being the perfect servant of the Lord we need the perfect Servant of the Lord to serve us in our weakness and sin
    • Matthew quotes Isaiah 42:1-4 in His Gospel in order to draw the direct comparison to Jesus and the Suffering Servant of the Lord.
      • Christ is the Lord’s new Israel anointed by the Holy Spirit Himself in order to bring forth the salvation of the old and sinful Israel
      • This Servant is completely different than anything we could expect.  He does not break the reed or snuff out the wick, that is, He does not oppress those already oppressed, but gives to them rest and comfort in their sinful state
    • In verse 6 we even see that this new Servant, this new Israel, is in fact the very covenant for the old Israel and old servant.  God actually supplies and sets up His own covenant with the sinner and provides the means for the covenant to be established.
  • 10-17:  The Lord’s salvation is meant for all
    • 10-13:  The salvation accomplished by the the Suffering Servant of the Lord is given to all.
      • Let the nations sing for joy from mountain to valley, from coast to coast.  All nations and peoples and tribes and languages are free to receive the gifts given by the Lord.  And for that all of creation should sing for joy.
    • 14-17:  The Lord has been patient with creation patient with His people, patient with the old Israel.
      • All those who receive the gift of the Lord through His Servant and are turned to repentance and faith shall be saved.
      • All those who are stubborn in their sinful ways and bow down to their self-made idols will be put to shame.
  • 18-25:  The wrath of the Lord is poured out on the unbelieving
    • Those who should have seen are blind and those who should have heard are deaf
  • Most holy and gracious God, You established you Suffering Servant to be the servant that Israel could never be and You sent Your Son Jesus to be that very Servant and to accomplished all that you had promised.  Open the eyes of Your unbelieving people and open the ears of deaf and dumb sinners so that we all might hear the Good News of Salvation in Christ Jesus and receive the gifts of eternal life and the forgiveness of sins, through the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.
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Rev. Elisha Lietzau, pastor of Faith in Christ Lutheran Church, ABQ, NM.



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