Matthew 10: Instructions to Christ’s Apostles, Do Not Fear Men & Seperation From the World

Re-posted from Pr. Stout (42 verses, 4:45 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The last word that you heard or read from yesterday was a prayer ( “therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”) and this is an answer to that prayer.


  • 1: Authority is given and received.  The disciples and all pastors only have authority to do and preach that which the Lord has given them to do and preach.  Preaching and teaching within that box is not confining, it is freeing!
  • 5-15: See if you can answer these questions: Who do they preach to?  What are they to preach?  How are they to behave?  What is received by those who receive them?  What is received by those who do not receive them?
  • 17: “Beware of men…”  That’s pretty good advice and lines up with what Jesus did Himself, ” But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people” (John 2:24)
  • 26-33: Do not trust men and beware of them.  However, we are also given the gift of not fearing either them or the devil.  Our fear is directed to Jesus above all things.  What does this Jesus think of us?  He says we are of value, that even the hairs on our head are known to Him (what a beautiful and specific image to help answer the question, “Does God know” or “Does God care?”) and that Jesus confesses us to the Father as we acknowledge Him before others.
  • 34-39: Baptism is holy birth into God’s family.  While it is a grafting into the Triune God, it is at the same time a separation from the world that hates the true God.  This sometimes means a painful separation from your earthly family.  We don’t stop loving them or providing for them or praying for them, but you can’t help but recognize this separation as painful.  Jesus says to follow Him, for in Him, His Holy Cross you find life, even you gain a cross of your own.


  • Meditate on some of the promises that are received as we receive a pastor who preaches from the authority of God’s Word.  They are are amazing: Christ’s Kingdom comes (7), peace (12), deliverance from judgment (15), the Holy Spirit’s Word (20), Christ’s Himself (40), and both a prophet’s and righteous persons reward (41-42).

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