Matthew 7: The Sermon on the Mount, Part 3

(29 verses, 3:29 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Jesus concludes His Sermon on the Mount with teaching on judgment, prayer, the kingdom of God and the Last Day. True wisdom, Jesus concludes, is hearing and believing His Words.


  • We can divide the teaching in this chapter into these sections:
    • 1-6, On Judgment and Mercy, and the temptation to hypocrisy
    • 7-12, On Prayer, and our confidence
    • 13-14, On the Narrow Gate, and the difficulty of coming into the Lord’s kingdom
    • 15-20, On False Prophets, their nature and how to identify them
    • 21-23, On Judgment Day
    • 24-27, On listening to the Word of Jesus, and the life that they give
    • 28-29, Conclusion, Jesus taught with authority


  • A sermon, even a book, could be written for each verse in this chapter. Each of Jesus “mini-sermons” is good to meditate on and understand, and it it good to put them all together as well.
  • Pay attention to the pictures that Jesus uses: the log in your eye (7:3), the father giving the child a snake (7:10), a wolf dressed like a sheep (7:15), the home built on sand (7:26). All of these images are particularly vivid and informative. These images push the teaching of Jesus into our imagination as we think of the man with a plank sticking out of his eye, or of the house being washed away by a flood.
  • Jesus teaches, as the last verses of the chapter note, with authority. His teaching is about Himself. He is the foundation of wisdom, the One who hears prayers, and the basis of judgment on the last day. Jesus is preaching about our Father in heaven, but there is not getting around the truth that He is the Son of the Father, very God of very God.

Lord Jesus, give us Your Holy Spirit, so that we would hear and believe this teaching of Yours, and rejoice in it. Amen.

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Lord’s Blessings, Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller


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