Matthew 4: Jesus Comes Into Our Darkness and Shines His Light

(25 verses, 3:23 to read)


What I am about to READ 

  • Jesus’ temptation, His first words preached, the calling of the first disciples, and Jesus heals in Galilee.


  • Jesus is led by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil.  Adam’s sin infected us all.  Jesus comes as the Second Adam to defeat the tempter, trust the Word of God with all His heart, and not put the Lord to the test.  His victory becomes our victory through Christ’s Word today because of Jesus’ perfect life of obedience and atoning death and resurrection.
  • The picture of Jesus preaching to a land of darkness is an incredibly beautiful image.  Why was Christ tempted by the devil?  Because man is tempted by the devil and has no chance against his deception.  Why does Christ come with His light to lands dwelling in darkness?  Because the land will continue to dwell in darkness unless the light of Christ’s victory is shone.
  • This section of the reading also emphasizes what wonderful news it is to hear the word “repent.”  Repentance emphasizes both our sin, our darkness, and the world’s darkness as well as God’s Kingdom of forgiveness, grace, His victory over Satan and light in the midst of darkness.  Jesus doesn’t come preaching, “woe, wrath, or death” as His first or final word.  We deserve the Law to be the final word, but as long as the word is “repent,” it shows God’s desire for His victory, light, life and Gospel to be the final Word.  He comes to a land dwelling in darkness and death to preach light and darkness.
  • Immediately after Jesus’ first public sermon, He calls disciples.  This shows that His sermon will continue to be preached by men.  These men, through the Holy Spirit, gave us our New Testament, which is the source and foundation for preachers whom Jesus calls today.


  • Repent.  Sin and Satan’s temptation is darkness.  Satan promises the world with his temptations, but he is Satan – the father of lies.  The Word of God is light.  Jesus comes preaching light and life and His victory for you.  Jesus comes preaching death – but His death defeating death for you.  Jesus comes preaching that the kingdom of heaven is at hand and we pray, “Thy Kingdom come” against our flesh and Satan’s kingdom.

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Pastor Christopher Stout


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