Isaiah 30: Rebellious People; Gracious God

(33 verses, 6:08 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • A chapter concerning the evil of people (even God’s chosen people) and the faithfulness of God.


  • 1-7, Judah looks for salvation and safety from temporal Egypt
  • 8-17, Judah despises God; His Word and His salvation.  She is rebellious and unfaithful.
  • 18-33, While Judah deserves nothing but ultimate destruction and the wrath of God, He still will be gracious to them and provide for them salvation.


  • vs. 1-7
    • vs. 1-5–The people of Judah know that they need help, aid, and salvation.  Although God has promised them as much, they look elsewhere; to other men, to nations not their own.  Even though these nations (here it is Egypt) looks as if it can promise salvation, it cannot.
    • vs. 6-7–Strictly speaking, the land of the Negev (the place between Israel and Egypt is not a safe place to travel.  It is full of all sorts of dangers.  Quite literally there are snakes and lions to them problems.  Metaphorically there are obstacles as well when one seeks salvation apart from God.  …  Nonetheless, this is the way in which Judah has chosen.
  • vs. 8-17
    • vs. 8-11–Isaiah will now write down a permanent record of the wrongs of Judah.  They are rebellious and liars.  They even go so far as to tell those whom God had sent (prophets and seers) to not do their job of proclaiming the Law and Gospel of God.
    • vs. 12-17–The people have heard God’s warning but do not heed them or believe them.  Therefore His wrath will come quickly and without warning; like a large and sturdy wall that suddenly crumbles out of know where and kills all those below.
  • vs. 18-33
    • vs. 18-22–The Lord will be gracious and merciful.  The people of Judah do not deserve any of this.  Their charge is to wait patiently for the salvation of the Lord.
    • The comfort of the latter part of this text is that our Lord is always faithful to His promises.  He will forever be faithful to you; to His children.  The salvation is sure and secure.  The remnant of God’s people is a promise etched in stone.  It will never be taken away.


  • In the Lord’s hope to bring salvation to us, He very well might bring suffering and affliction upon us, as verse 20 says, “And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide himself anymore, but your eyes shall see your Teacher.”  The promise is that even through adversities, our Lord is faithful.  And that he uses even the adversities and suffering of this world to lead us back to Him and bring His salvation to us.
  • “When life’s troubles rise to meet me, Though their weight May be great, They will not defeat me.  God, my loving Savior, sends them; He who knows All my woes Knows how best to end them.”  (Why Should Cross and Trail Grieve Me stanza 2–LSB 756)

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Lord’s Blessings,
Pr Eli Lietzau
Faith in Christ Lutheran Church, ABQ


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