Revelation 22: The End (or is it…?)

(21 verses, 2:30 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The final chapter of the Revelation as well as the Bible.


  • A river of life flows through the New Jerusalem which has its source in God and the Lamb.  This river which flows from Jesus waters the city as well as the tree of life, recalling the same tree from Genesis.  This tree has 12 kinds of fruit, showing its perfect abundance and un-earthly character.  The perfect Israelite and Apostolic “12” points to the Lord’s Supper, where we in the Church have access to that Tree of Life, where forgiveness, life and salvation come to those who have faith. Those in the city have free access to the tree, whereas before the tree was guarded as Adam and Eve were banished to the east of Eden.  In the city there will be no more weeping or darkness as the Son has taken away all sin and will himself be the light for His people (John 1).
  • Jesus says that He is coming soon.  The severity of the prophecies of the Revelation must not be lessened or obscured, lest that person draw God’s wrath for meddling in the revealed word of God.  And indeed that warning covers the entirety of scripture as well.
  • The final words of the Apocalypse and indeed of the entire Bible put one in eager anticipation for the last day and the coming of Jesus.  We are shown a place where there will be no more earthy suffering and wrath, and a place where we are in perfect communion with God and others.  As in the beginning, here at the end of the Bible we are returned to Eden, but a better Eden, one that is not a garden but a city, with countless multitudes worshipping the Lamb.


Lord Jesus you are coming soon.  Help us to eagerly await your coming on the last day when you will wipe every tear from every eye and take us from this valley of sorrow to yourself.  Give us eyes to see your Tree of Life in your sacrifice on the tree of Golgotha, and faith and trust in the fruits of that tree, the blood and water which shown forth from your side into the fonts and chalices of the world for the healing of the nations.  Come quickly Lord Jesus, Amen.


Pr. Ross

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