Psalm 68: God will bear us up

(35 verses, 4:08 to read)


What I am about to READ

Psalm 68 is a psalm of David, who praises God for his deliverance from of old and confesses trust in the God who forgives sins.


The psalm uses language describing the exodus of Israel from Egypt “when you [God] marched through the wilderness”(vs. 7) and imagery from Israel’s conquest of Canaan.  Psalms frequently recall past acts of salvation and deliverance as the grounds for God’s continued favor.

Vss 24-27 describe a musical procession that was part of Israel’s worship at the tabernacle and possibly the temple.  Clearly all of Israel was invited and participated in worship.

The procession of worship that is described in the psalm includes all “kingdoms of the earth” (vs. 32) pointing forward to the inclusion of the gentiles by the shed blood of Jesus.


God is near even when he seems far.  The images of this psalm depict events such as the exodus and the wilderness wanderings which were times of trial even for God’s people.  For Israel of old, and for the Church, the New Israel God “daily bears us up…and delivers us from death” vs. 19-20.  We have the sure and certain promises of God that he will be near to us and save us.  We have the forgiveness of sins which comes to us by faith in Jesus.  God is near will not forsake us.


Pr. Ross

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