Isaiah 26: The Last Day, Resurrection, and Peace


(21 verses, 3:05 to read)

What I am about to READ

Isaiah leads us to peace of mind by giving us the song of victory that we will sing on the Last Day.


In anticipation of the final victory “in that day” (verse 1), Isaiah pictures the land of Judah as the land of salvation for all nations. Those who were faithful to the Lord will live forever; the dead will rise to life, enjoying peace and safety. The song ends with an encouragement for them to wait “a little while” (v. 20) until the Lord comes and ushers in the final day of salvation.

1-2: The “strong city.” The Israelites would have thought of Jerusalem, where God lived among them. In the context of God’s victory, it’s the New Jerusalem, made up of all who trust in the Lord.

3-4: Peace of mind will not be found in the strength of their city walls. God’s salvation is our wall and fortification. Trusting in Him alone, we will enjoy perfect peace

8-9: Believers eagerly await the Lord to reveal His name and make great His renown: for the Lord to reveal Himself in His acts of salvation.

9-15: Isaiah describes what God has done to the wicked, that is, to those who in spite of seeing God’s grace in action do nothing but reject Him. But, for His people, the Lord would enlarge the city, that is, He would spread His Word and lead people to faith.

16-18: We have no power at all to save ourselves. We try so hard, but we accomplish nothing. God is our salvation.

19: The Old Testament teaches the resurrection of the body! Some people argue that the O.T. doesn’t teach the resurrection, but verse 19 makes it pretty tough to make that claim.  Verse 19 makes the resurrection of the body absolutely clear. (For more on the resurrection of the body in the O.T. – check out Isaiah 25:8; Job 19:25–27; and Daniel 12:2.)

20: “Come, my people.” God tells his people Israel to hide for a little while until God himself ushers in the day of salvation, which includes the Day of Judgment.


Shouldn’t the believer enjoy the perfect peace of mind Isaiah describes in this chapter? Shouldn’t the believer in Jesus Christ enjoy perfect peace of mind …no matter what happens in this life?  Well, yes…that is, if our faith were perfect. Perfect faith would perfectly trust the Lord to protect us (v. 3), to smooth our paths (v. 7), to work through us (v.12), to raise us from the dead (v. 19), and have nothing to fear. But our faith is NOT perfect. Nevertheless, the Lord promises to protect us, smooth our paths, work through us, and raise us from the dead. AND HE WILL DO IT! He is faithful, even though our faith isn’t perfect – and often downright weak and pitiful!   Yet, for the time being, “for a little while,” in this life, we must hide ourselves in His promises. In other words: believe the Lord’s promises even if you don’t feel like it! In this life we cling to Christ in the midst of doubt, anxiety, and fear. The Lord promises that when the Last Day comes He makes His peace visible. When Christ returns ALL your doubt, anxiety, and fear will be gone forever. When Christ returns we will enjoy a life at perfect peace with God (which is actually our true l and present reality in Jesus Christ)!

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

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Sub Cruce,

Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.



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