Isaiah 19: Savior, Defender, and Deliverer

(25 verses, 2:51 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • This oracle about Egypt is a prophecy of the preached Gospel and administration of the Sacraments to all nations after the death of Jesus


  • 1-17: The Lord warns Egypt that several things they trust in will fail.  See if you can find them
    •         1.)The unity of the land
    •         2.) The wisdom of the wise and the gift of order
    •         3.) The kindness and selflessness of the leaders
    •         4.) Their strong economy based around the waters
  • 18-25: Here is a prophecy of the Gospel preached in Egypt and Assyria.  When the Gospel is preached, you can expect rejection, but you can also expect conversion.


  • Check out vs. 14 and meditate on that image for awhile.
  • Verse 19 mentions “an altar to the Lord” in Egypt.  No altar was built outside of Jerusalem, nor was it allowed to according to the institution of the temple, until after the death of Jesus.  Thus, this is a prophecy of the destruction of the temple and the institution of the Church to preach and administer the Sacraments in all nations.
  • Verse 20 has a wonderful role reversal.  Remember who Isaiah is writing to?  Egypt were the oppressors of Israel after the death of Joseph.  Moses and  his brothers and sisters cried out against their oppressors and the Lord saved, defended, and delivered them from Egypt.  Now, here in vs. 20,  the Christians in Egypt will cry out against their oppressors and the Lord will send a Savior, Defender, and Deliverer.  That Savior, Defender, and Deliverer is a gift offered to not only Egypt, but the whole world!



  • Lord Jesus, You have given me an altar on which the very body, given into death for me, and the very blood, shed for me on the cross, is now fed to me by  my pastor after You have spoken Your Word through his mouth.  As I remember the gift I have received many times and examine myself to receive this gift once again, help me to repent of my foolish trust in the economy, the authorities of this world, and the wisdom of the wise.  Lead me more to lean on You as my Savior, Defender, and Deliverer.

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Christopher Stout, Pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Kannapolis, NC & Abundant Life Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC



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