Revelation 8: Silence and the Second Description of the End of the World

(13 verses, 2:07 to read) Re-posted from Pr. Stout


What I am about to READ 

  • This reading contains two main parts. First, the end of the first description of the end of the world. Second, the beginning of the second description of the end of the world. The first description centers around the sealed scroll and the second around the angels blowing trumpets.


  • When the seventh seal is broken, there is silence for about half an hour.  This is in comparison to noise of the heavenly host and the worship of God in chapter 4, 5, and 7 and the judgments in 6.  It is also in comparison to the cry of the church militant which is always heard in heaven.
  • The comfort that comes from this silence is found in a recognition of God’s almighty power over heaven and earth.  Psalm 46 calls for us to “Be still and know that I am God” and in Exodus 14, Moses commands the people to “be silent” in the midst of the coming enemies.  God alone saves and judges and this invites our trust and awe.
  • The connection between the silence and crossing of the Red Sea are all the more apparent when the judgments that come upon the earth by Christ through the angels are similar to the judgments that God visited upon Egypt and the plagues.


  • In the midst of such judgment, it is all the more important to meditate on the Lamb of God found in chapter 5. He has redeemed you by His blood.  He has taken the bitterness of God’s wrath against you through the wood of His cross.  God gives you His sweet favor because Jesus has taken that which was bitter and turned it sweet (Exodus 15; Rev. 8:11).  As you hear the blow of judgment, you repent, you praise your Jesus and your prayers rise before Him as sweet smelling incense.  The trumpet that is sounding now is the Word of God and in it contains the promises that Jesus is your light and living water.

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