Isaiah 14: More Oracles


(32 verses, 4:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

Even though the king of Babylon considered himself greater than God himself, through the destruction of the Babylonian kingdom, the Lord showed that His plans always succeed.


1-2: The return from exile is foretold in these verses. Compare Ephesians 2:11–13. Gentiles were at one time foreigners to Israel because they did not have God’s law. But when the law was fulfilled and done away with, they, along with the Jews, could come to God by faith. It is through the blood of Christ that they are brought near, that is, become fellow heirs of eternal life along with believing Jews.

2: “and rule over those who oppressed them” When Babylon fell, Cyrus the Persian allowed the Jews to return to their homeland. At that time, the Jewish people did not rule over the nations. However, in the New Testament they do rule in this sense: The Word of the Lord has gone out from Jerusalem, and people from all nations worship the Savior who came from God’s Old Testament people. The peoples of the world have accepted that the God of the Jews is the true God.

Even though the king of Babylon was exceedingly rich and powerful, he’s a classic example of “you can’t take it with you.” He became a feast for worms and maggots without even a decent burial.

24-27: The destruction of Assyria is foretold. The fulfillment is recorded in Isaiah 37:36–37. This destruction took place many years before the Babylonian invasion. The Lord fulfilled His plan to destroy Assyria. This was comforting, because if He could do that, then He also had the power to fulfill His plan to destroy Babylon and rescue His people.

32: The Israelites did not need to seek refuge with the Philistines. The Lord would be their refuge.


Take a moment to ponder the fate (verse 16) of the king of Babylon. His life and death remind us that no matter how important and powerful a person may seem to become in this life, that person will die. And all who set themselves up against God and His people will be destroyed at the last judgment. Not so for those who love the Lord and are justified by grace through faith, for they shall inherit eternal life!

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Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.


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